June 16th, 2023

Hi ,Join us this Sunday as we come together to honor and celebrate all the incredible fathers in our lives. We want to take a moment to recognize the commitment, selflessness, and love that fathers provide to their families.
On this special day, we also want to extend our prayers to those who have lost their fathers, those who may be longing to be fathers, or those who have faced obstacles on their journey to fatherhood. We understand that Father's Day can be bittersweet for many, and we offer our love and support to those who may find this day challenging.
Finally, we want to thank all those who have been and continue to be father figures to those without. We invite you to join us this Sunday in celebrating these incredible men. Happy Father's Day! 

Sunday Service: Heart Prep

Series: Gideon - The Making of a Mighty Warrior
Message: Cleaning up your own backyard
Speaker: Pastor Paul Lasanté

Last week, we talked about taking extreme ownership for our lives. “Go in the strength that you have” and “Am I not calling you?” is what we learned. It is often challenging to stop looking for excuses for being unable to step up to the challenge that God is giving us. Extreme ownership of your life is step one in the making of a Mighty Warrior. Step two is cleaning up your own backyard! 
  1. Can you identify a “dark corner” in your life that you were able to overcome?
  2. What are the elements that helped you come to this point in your life?
  3. How does setting your inner life straight before God help with the activity of your outer life?
We encourage you to read the passage in Judges 6:19-32 in preparation for this Sunday. See you soon!

Family Service

This Sunday, June 18th, we will be having a special Family Service. Children will be welcomed to sit with their parents in the sanctuary and have the opportunity to listen to a specially curated sermon as a family. Please note that no child services will be offered. The nursery will be open but unmanned.

New Class!

Join us for our upcoming class The Doctrine of the Trinity: a practical guide for Christian Life with Pastor Misha.

When it comes to challenging ideas in Christianity, none can compete with the Doctrine of the Trinity. While acknowledging the complexity of this teaching, we would like to show you how these abstract concepts directly relate to every Christian. We invite you to join our investigation on how the Doctrine of the Trinity reveals the God of Scripture and impacts our prayer life, relationships, and leadership models.
Some of our themes will be:
  • Reflections of the image of God
  • The Trinitarian model as displayed in our family, church, and community
This 4-week class will begin on Sunday morning, July 9th, with an introductory sermon. The following three classes will be held in the chapel on July 16th, 23rd and 30th   at 10am. Register here.
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